Sunday, March 21, 2010

Japanese Decorating Style for Your Home

Japanese way of life and decoration is a massive pool of inspiration for many. Here are some simple style tips to fuse this with decoration of interiors.

Japanese decorating style
The Japanese method in artistic ways has been quite a huge inspiration pool for thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of designers and artists. With its multiple philosophies induced and fused beautifully, it provides for a brilliant design concept which can be used in every day lives including interior decoration. The Japanese way of art has huge emphasis on simplicity, functionality and tranquility. This is why most of its art finds such a huge response all over the globe. This philosophy can be brilliantly used in interior decoration. And this also helps in even touching the lives of people.

The Japanese decorating style in the concept of interiors calls for a very simple arrangement. This means minimalism to the core. Minimal use of furniture is a prominent aspect. Furthermore, in some styles, there is a near-total lack of furniture instead, opting for low-lying ones. This creates a down-to-earth feel, an inherent quality of Japanese decorating style. The style also involves minimal use of colors, rarely over one. The colors are usually pure ones, and white is of course, a prominent one. There are other colors too which can be used. Lighting is primarily through the natural way, the sun. Some orthodox decorators try hard to conceal or recede the artificial lighting.

The Japanese way of decor helps in a lot of way. There is a calming effect created naturally in the interior and this helps a lot in pacifying, relaxation and meditation which in turn helps in overall physical and mental state of a person.

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