Saturday, March 20, 2010

10 Easy Ways to Create a Cozy Room

Besides the washroom, the bedroom is the most private place of an individual. How organized the room somehow and somewhat reflects one personality. Bedroom is the place which most time are being spent on be it for work or leisure or time of privacy or just anything that have to be done in the bedroom!

The followings are 10 simple tips for a cozy room:
1 - Color for wall
Go for lighter color like sky blue, green or even beige! Light colors create soother feeling.

2 - Color for ceiling
Always go for white ceiling as it makes the room looks higher compared to darker color. And also, it do not absorb heat into the room.

3 - Materials for floor
Go for wooden strip or extremely big ceramic tiles. It makes the room look longer and wider! Even on the small place.

4 - Filling up
Don't think of furniture to match your room. Search for the one which are right in size and color but not too much of it! Big bulky furniture will take up more space.

5 - Arranging the furniture
Place them accordingly to your comfort ability. Make sure there are space to move around.

6 - Mirror the reflector
Have half body or full body size mirror on the wall. The mirror illustrated a bigger room.

7 - Curtains on windows
Decorate the window with a nice piece of curtain. Curtains can be the shield for morning sun.

8 - Make it alive
It could be deadly dead when things in a space is all not moving. To create flow of energy, include living things such as plants or fishes in the room.

9 - Provide illumination
Good illumination enhances sense of space. Yellow-orange light is one of the top choices.

10 - Clean and tidy
A dirty and untidy room could not show the shooting and cozy feeling of it. Make effort to keep the level of cleanliness and tidiness in the room. At least, you will not feel ashamed if you have surprised visits.
Feel that your room is a little out of space? Utilize the steps and have a cozy room yourself.

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