Tuesday, January 25, 2011

India Decorating Style

India has a rich heritage, and its culture is one of the oldest in the world. Since the time of Mohenjo-Daro, handicrafts of India are famous the world over. The Indian handicrafts can be rightfully described as the best in the world and can add to the style and taste to even the most elegantly designed house and room.

Probably, there is no country in the world with such high concentration of handicrafts and craftsmen as in India. You will be able to discover it all here: - Paintings, Wood Sculptures, Woodcarving, Silver and Gold Jewelry, Stone carving, Puppets, Terracotta - the list goes on and on. Here are some Indian handicrafts that you can use as home decorations.

Wooden Handicrafts: Traditional Indian woodcarving has been of Gods, flowers, jewelry boxes, nameplates, key chains, room screens, and much more. Famous areas for wood carving are Saharanpur in UP, Kashmir and Tamil Nadu. The most significant part is that you can always find something you like for an amount you can pay for.

Pottery and Stone Sculptures: Rajasthan is famous for items like pottery and marble item, which are always in huge demand. You can use these to decorate your home and to add to that look of luxury. There are many types of stone carvings, for example, traditional idols, sculpture, hyper-realist animals, etc. The favored material for stone carving is marble.

Silver and Gold Jewelry: Jaipur, Lucknow and Delhi are main centers for buying ethnic Indian jewelry. Indian jewelry is available in a wide range that suits the budget and taste of the people. You can choose from silver, gold, carved jewelry, etc. Every state is famous for its own special style of jewelry. The east is famous for beaded jewelry, the west for stones and mirror jewelry, and the south for refined temple jewelry and the north for its carvings and designing.

Other handicrafts of India: These include textile and costumes such as saris, kurtas, paintings, terracotta figurines, ceramics, musical instruments, furniture, leather works, brass bowls, bronze statues and other ornamental items.

If you want to find something beautiful and attractive for yourself or somebody that you love, then should always go for some Indian handicraft item.

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