Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Choose the Suitable Wall Clock for Your Room

Like it or not, nearly everyone's lives are ruled by time. We need to know when and where, and no body can get by without a clock. Sure, there are clocks everywhere... on the microwave, the stove, the TV, but they don't exactly drip style!

A well chosen clock should complement your space, and will be a pleasure to look at as well as being just functional.

Here are a few key pointers.

  1. Is it big enough? If you need to put your glasses on to read the time, maybe you should look for big bold characters. It can still be elegant, just look for a large wall clock with black on white numbers. Also look for solid easy to see hands that you can see across the room.
  2. Color. In my experience decorating, it is best to stick to traditional colors for traditional objects. Plain colors or natural tones are generally safe, or otherwise ensure that at least one color area of the clock matches one of the dominant colors in the room (i.e. white walls will blend smoothly with a white face, even if the clock surround is another color).
  3. The tick. No, I'm not being silly here. Does it tick? how loud? An amazing number of people have complained to me that they had to get rid of their new clock because the tick drove them mad! Have a careful listen, and actually tip the clock onto its side, the way it will hang on the wall. It sounds trivial but the weight of the hands and mechanism can make the tick a lot more pronounced when side loaded.
  4. Style. I make no apologies for being conservative... but I have yet to come across a room where a plain, conservative wall clock would be out of place, provided its color didn't clash with the room. If in doubt, simply stick to old fashioned round face with plain digits. Then again if you want to be adventurous here is the chance - do a quick search online and you will find hundreds of clocks to suit any theme from nautical to horror movie memorabilia.

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