Monday, March 8, 2010

The Benefits of Pool Sunrooms

Protects you from heat in summer and keeps you warm in winter
The greatest benefit of pool sunrooms is that you it can protect you in summer from scorching heat. During the winter months the pool in the sunroom remains warmer and during summers it remains cooler. Since the pool is not exposed to dust, falling leaves etc. it remains clean for a longer period of time. Also pet animals as well as pesky animals can be kept away from the pool sunroom due to the restriction it provides.

One of the best parts is the availability of retractable roofing for pool sunrooms. There are a number of other interesting designs available out of which the retractable roof is one which provides greatest benefits. If it suddenly starts raining while you are swimming in the pool sunroom the roof can be simple close the retractable roof thus preventing the rain from spoiling your fun at the swimming pool.

Follow right installation procedures
Some of the pool sunrooms have a three inch insulated aluminum roof. The roofing which consists of a wide panel which is approximately four feet long and the insulated roof is available in rolls which can be used according to the length required. The windows and doors are made of screened glass or aluminum glass doors having screens. Tempered glass panels are installed in areas that do not have windows and doors. You may need to add an extra two feet in length and a foot in width to cover the roof overhang requirements.

Generally the concrete deck is rectangular or square in shape. Around the concrete deck a minimum area of around three feet should be left all around the sides of the pool. You may need to send a photo of the deck area of the swimming pool along with your contact number, your address as well as your name, if you are ordering a pool sunroom from a company.

The total cost need not be paid at the time of delivery of the pool sunroom. Half the amount can be paid on delivery and the rest at the time of installation. Before installing the pool sunroom you will have to first check with the building authorities and take necessary permission. If there are any compliances and clearance to be made then that should be done immediately.

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