Sunday, April 4, 2010

Using Room Dividers for Home Additions, Apartment Living, or Restaurant Expansion

In the past 15 to 20 years, the trend for house design, as well as restaurant floor plans, has had a huge emphasis towards an open floor plan. An open floor plan lends itself well to entertaining and creating a spacious and airy feeling. Unfortunately, an open floor plan does not necessarily fulfill the need for a private room which can be dedicated to a home theater set up with a controlled acoustic environment, game room, or private dining.

The most recent trends in custom built homes have been to dedicate a room to a home theater setup or game room. If the home is already built, building an addition can be cost prohibitive to which any builder can attest. With the economy still in a recession and real estate values diminished, it may not make financial sense to add onto a home at this time. Should the home owner live in a loft-style abode in New York or similar city, building an addition is not usually an option. However, there are creative and tasteful alternatives which are inexpensive.

Restaurants, much like apartments, are not usually able to receive a building addition due to property space constraints and other buildings already attached. The only answer is to make use of existing space in a manner to maximize flexibility. Room dividers are the answer.

Many individuals may remember room dividers as those tacky accordion-styled sliders used in elementary schools and high schools. Forget about the tacky. Options available today have left those unimaginative and boring dividers behind. Whether the home owner or restaurant owner has a modern, industrial, or vintage decor, there is a style of room divider which will complement the interior space.

Room dividers, much like extra large pocket doors, help to break up an open and airy space into a more intimate and cozy environment. By installing room dividers, it can allow for multiple groups to make use of an area without distracting or bothering another. Sectioning off a portion of the living quarters or family room of a home can add to an individual's privacy while at the same time creating a whole new look to an otherwise stagnant floor plan. In a restaurant setting, private parties or business luncheons can be accommodated.

There are a variety of styles and materials on the market from which to choose. A transparent or frosted separation will lend itself nicely to a modern or industrial setting, while a more conservative and toned down tan or darker finish will be more appropriate for the traditional decor.

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