Saturday, March 27, 2010

Country and Western Decorating Style

Ever thought about how nice it would be to revert back to times when men worked on the ranch or farm, and women did the cooking and other household chores? Back to a time when family was important, and all gathered around a big country table to share a delicious home cooked meal. Relaxing times in the country, where beautiful lush green grass met the most azure blue skies. Country and western décor can give your home a feeling of eras gone by.

Recreating the past
Creating this comfortable, welcoming look is really easy. Many people want an elegant, stately looking home. If you are the sort who wants all who enter your home to feel instantly at ease and relaxed, country and western décor is perfect. You open your home up to anyone and everyone - and they would stay forever if only they could. That's just how at home they will feel when they visit. Your décor has everything to do with the atmosphere that people see and feel.

Most homes that are decorated in the country and western style look warm and lived-in. Lots of wood and rustic colors add to the charm. Wood floors and exposed wooden beams on the ceiling lend to the old-time feeling. Kitchens are typically over-sized and full of color. Sunflowers, roosters and old teapot collections are common, along with a wrought iron baker's rack and gingham tablecloth. Sounds like grandma's kitchen, doesn't it?

It would be nice to go back to a time when life ran at a slower pace, but creating the look in your home is the next best thing. A little paint can go a long way in the country and western décor theme. Use rustic colors such as tan, brown, dark blue, forest green and maroon to add to the rich look. Take a few western striped throw rugs containing these colors and scatter them here and there on a wood floor - amazing!

More Western than Country
If you lean more toward the western look, decorating with horseshoes and rodeo themed throws creates a fabulous look. Throws can be used in so many ways; throw one across a worn spot on the sofa, or hook one lazily over the back of a rocking chair. You can even hang them on a wall to create an amazing focal point! Table runners and coasters sharing the same western theme make a great addition as well.

Hang a cowboy hat on the wall, or even a wooden wagon wheel for huge western effect. There are even cowboy boot planters that you can purchase! Original, and sure to be a conversation piece. These days, you can find wrought iron candle holders in the shape of horses, huge Texas star wall hangings, and a multitude of other country themed accessories to give your home that look of days long past, when life meant family gathering together after a hard day on the ranch.

A Style that is Easy to Live with
Decorating your home in the country and western style isn't hard at all, and your entire family will love the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere as well. Visitors will too; in fact, you will be hard-pressed to get them to leave your inviting home on the range.

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