Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decorating the Perfect Dining Room

Even more important than the family room, the dining room is what brings families together. It's the place where families join for meals, kids work on homework, friends sip coffee over a good morning chat. It is a central part of your home, a place where flow and comfort are essential. Take a look at these ideas for putting together the perfect dining room.

Start with the Furniture
Furniture is a great place to begin when deciding the mood of your dining room. It sets the tone and helps frame the boundaries of attention. Make sure your furniture choice suits the style you are going for. If you want a Southwest approach, oak and other hardwoods work well. If you prefer something more modern, colorful chairs can help to add a festive feel with a touch of imagination. Make sure the furniture melds with the feel and comfort of the room.

In addition to the dining room table and chairs, think about other possible furniture components. A hutch can be great for wine glasses or china. Some people prefer shelves for family pictures of favorite memories. A serving table decorated with quality pottery pieces can also be a nice touch, providing extra room for additional food in the event of events like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Center with a Chandelier
Your choice of a chandelier is also important, and should only be made once the furniture has been decided. Each should complement the other. Look for light quality that has control features. There are meals where clear lighting is best, making for good conversation. Low lighting is good for romance, when you're serving a special dinner for 2 and you're trying to set the mood.

It's important to hang the chandelier in just the perfect position to have the best effect on lighting in the dining room. Choose a size that complements the style and measurements of your dining room table. Make sure you don't have one that's wider than the dining room table, or guests will crack their own goose eggs every time they stand up. A good measure is to get a chandelier that's no bigger than 12 inches from the edge of the table.

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