Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Try Down Bedding to Create a Stylish and High Class Bed Room

Stop sleeping in average or below average comfort with no style whatsoever. Instead, buy down bedding and dress your bed to impress guests and sleep in luxury. Most people avoid down bedding because they think it's too expensive but when you take into account the benefits and lower costs available, you're going to change your mind.

Down comforters are so comfortable you might melt. Obviously they perform the functions a normal comforter would but the difference is they are usually much lighter, softer, and provide much better warmth - even when it's freezing outside. In addition, most goose down comforters are beautifully made with fine stitching and square patterns which adds to the elegance and style of any bedroom.

Of course, matching down pillows are highly recommended as well. The pillows are more of a function asset as they are available in different types and sizes based on how you sleep and the firmness level you enjoy resting your head on. High quality goose down pillows are firm, comfortably soft and bounce back to full form once you get up.

You may also want to add a down blanket to the mix for added warmth or complementary layered style. Down blankets are less expensive than comforters and can give you a warm stand in until you have the money to buy a complete down bedding set.

When buying these luxurious products, you'll want to keep an eye on fill power and thread count. Thread count amounts to how tight the material is and prevents feathers from escaping. Fill power is an indication of warmth and the ability to bounce back to regular shape and fluffiness.

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