Monday, January 4, 2010

Decorate Your Wall by Using Wood Candle Wall Sconces

Wood candle wall sconces are great and economical way to do a variety of things in your home. Though you may be concerned about using wood near a lit flame, rest assured that following a few safety guidelines you and your home will be completely safe using these often handmade artistic pieces. You will want to make sure to follow a few simple guidelines when picking out wooden candle sconces so that they make a proper fit in your home.

Wooden sconces can be used to create mood lighting, for reading purposes, or as standalone featured items. You can use several at once in order to create mood lighting. Candle light puts off considerably less light than an electric bulb. As such, using several of these particularly near the corners of your room, will create a warm glowing atmosphere. Candle light is also good for reading purposes provided the light is coming from behind you while you are reading so that the light reflects directly off the pages. If you find a sconce that is large enough or that has enough detail, you can use one as a stand-alone piece in the center of a wall in order to attract attention.

Fire safety is always a concern when using candles. Sconces traditionally use tea lights or candles as a light source. When using any type of open flame, be certain to place the wooden candle holder in an area that is unlikely to cause the sconce to get bumped into. You will want to set them at least had level or above. Be sure to avoid using lit candles and rooms occupied by adolescents. Other than that, you may want to make sure to pay attention to the fact that wax drips and can do a wonderful job of creating headaches if you have bare carpet directly underneath a candle. The same applies for candles that are placed too close to a wall or that dangerously lean in.

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