Sunday, January 17, 2010

Decorating Small Rooms

Not all of us are able to have the wide open spacious rooms we would so like to have. This does not mean that you cannot still make the most of your smaller space and add the illusion of a roomier atmosphere. Add some fresh paint and new crown molding and you are all set. You can achieve this by just simply buying a how to book or video. Adding crown molding can make your small room appear larger because it will pull the eyes up and you will not focus on the size of the room. Hang pictures a little higher than eye level as the will work to draw the eyes upward also.

Whether it is a living room or a small bedroom you would like to place furniture in, there are a few factors you must consider to make the room look as open as possible. Here are a few tips that may help you to "expand" your living space.

Depending on the layout of the room and the number of walls you can arrange the furniture against. You will want to see what you have to going for you. Many times you will find that due to windows, closets or any other feature that makes it near impossible to place furniture against, you may only have one focal wall to work with. This begins the challenge of having to re-arrange entertainment units, TVs, dressers or cabinets, end tables, chairs, or beds, depending on what room you are trying to expand.

Getting rid of all clutter or accessories that are not necessary will help a great deal. The more floor space you can make visible, the more the room will appear less crowded and overall more spacious. Do not place furniture near any walkways or entrances. Place all large furniture along the wall with the most open space and work your room around it. If you have a small room, placing one couch, a couple end tables, and a small arm chair may be all the furniture you need to create a cozy yet modest looking room. If possible take any un-necessary items such as kid’s toys, book shelves, or a coffee table and place them in a more spacious room. Once you have arranged your furniture around a large item as a focal point, you can also use cool, soft shades of paint to add that extra feeling of comfort and openness.

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