Thursday, January 21, 2010

Make Your Home Bright and Beautiful by Using Glass Tiles

Every homeowner loves to remodel and renovate their homes. By replacing obsolete and out-dated walls, floors and decor, you can almost get the same satisfaction as having an absolutely, fresh and new household. You do not necessarily have to shell a huge amount to give your house a face lift as there are simple ideas and methods to get wonderful end results. One of the sleekest ways to zing up a bathroom, kitchen, and patio or pool area is to install colorful sophisticated glass tiles.

Glass tiles come in a huge range of sizes and colors. You can select them from solid, rich and vibrant hues, to tiles made with a hint of sparkle. These tiles are not only high on attractive index, but they are durable as well. They are quick to clean and they last a lifetime once installed properly. These tiles are the ultimate choice for your kitchen especially if you're thinking of giving it a contemporary or sophisticated look. These provide a sparkling clean look that will surely bring in lots of light into the area. These tiles are durable as well and are not very hard to maintain contrary to what most people would think.

There are several types of glass tiles available in the market and the colors can vary from transparent to opaque. They get their colour through mixed pigments in molten glass during the manufacturing process. The color and shade permeate within the tile's body. During the firing method, a layer of pigment is fused to the surface of the tile. This makes the color of the tiles permanent and well-shielded against moisture. One particular batch of these tiles generally have uniform color.

Glass tiles have multiple advantages. It is moisture-proof which makes it apt for kitchen and bathroom area. It works best and is most popularly used on walls where it allows light to enter the area without the unwanted heat. It is absolutely aesthetic considering its variety of colors, so people usually create mosaics which serve as a centerpiece in the kitchen. It is equally good indoors or outdoors and with its non-permeable quality, endures moisture, heat, fire and ultraviolet rays. By installing Glass tiles, other surrounding structures are protected against sudden thermal variations.

Smalti is a type of glass tile made up of melted silica with sodium. Certain metals and metal oxides are used to stabilize the material before it is fired and cut. The fused varieties of these tiles are usually translucent in nature with a prominent opaque layer. The Sintered one's usually come in 1 to 3 square feet size. It is manufactured by pressing glass powder then heating to diffuse the particles. Terrazzo tiles involve a cast method using glass and concrete amalgam. Cast tiles have a layered appearance created by putting glass chunks into a type of mold. Slumped glass has a contoured or curved look.

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