Saturday, January 9, 2010

Decorating Your Home with Country Style

Create a country motif with charm, elegance and stateliness to an otherwise ordinary looking structure. Outdoor decorating has become a great way to improve the value of your home or business. Because it is the first thing people see when they drive up. Let your buildings natural architectural design dictate how to enhance your home/business unique features. Decorators recommend creating a bold statement with a strong focal point.

When it comes to decorating your home or business, sometimes it is the little things that get noticed. An interesting, well-placed accent can give your home a whole new look. Adding a cupola gives a touch of elegance that breaks up the flat line of a roof. Cupolas add a sense of tradition and country charm along with drawing attention to their eye catching detail.

Curb appeal involves adding color and layers, making an attractive presentation—one with perfect charm and character. Cupolas have architectural features that create impressive, visual character and adds distinction, country style. Creating curb appeal, you are not only satisfying your own needs with the outstanding look, you are creating and effect that your neighbors will just love.

Although, some of us may not know the word cupola immediately, we know cupolas when we see them. They are the small building on top of a larger one. Their designs are unique and are intentionally planned and constructed to capture the character of traditional early American architecture. They have graced the rooflines of homes, barns, and churches for centuries, most often placed in the middle of the building at the highest point. The early history of cupolas was a pseudo-tower, and served several purposes from a covered light source, to added ventilation, to a statement of style.

The Empire State Building and the United States Capitol have a cupola on their roof providing an architectural accent plus a dramatic exterior. The earliest domes were made of stone. The weight of the structure was one of the major challenges. The earliest masonry dome, the Pantheon, was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It was built to reflect his power. The interior is a perfect circle in which the diameter and height are exactly the same.

The domes on top many government buildings, and churches are cupolas. Not all cupolas are domes. It can be an excellent accent point, a small, decorative tower on top any home or business. Gazebos can be cupolas. Cupolas can have weathervanes, flag poles or crosses on them to provide that finishing touch. These architectural accents add old world charm to catch the eye.

Each hand-made cupola is carefully scaled and proportioned to compliment the particular building it will adorn, both in size and detailing. Structurally, a cupola can't be just tacked on. It has to be well integrated into its building. It is very important that it is of proper dimensions. Choosing a cupola that is too small for the size of your home/business will make it appear less like the cupola you desire and more like a bird house.

These architectural accents can be decorative, functional to ventilate, or windowed to provide sky light. Some cupolas are large enough to be a full sized room. From a simple addition to an entire top floor where it offers a scenic view, solitude, a peaceful place to retreat and read a book. Cupolas give your home a unique, whimsical appearance.

Whatever your preference, there is a cupola for you. They are sure to add an elegant touch to your beautiful home/business. Your attention to detail will guarantee your home's first impression to others---a stunning look that feels expensive. Be creative----have fun----get inspired!

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