Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kids Room Decorating Idea: Using Growth Charts Wall

Peel and stick growth charts can offer a great opportunity for your child to mark his or her growth through the years as their life changes. With the option to place removable and repositionable stickers at different heights your child will love to watch their growth and take an active role in the inspection. There are many creative options for these growth charts as well so you will be able to find one that you both like.

You can find growth charts that will apply easily to the wall and allow you to peel and stick the markers easily as you watch your child grow. They will also be able to watch the growth with their favorite characters and themes since so much of that is available with peel and stick decals making it easy for you to create anything your heart (or theirs) desires. Then watch at they enjoy not only seeing how they grow but interacting with the characters that surround their growth charts as well.

For the girls you might try a colorful ribbon as the marker and a fantasy vine that is filled with beautiful decals. With hearts as leaves and flowers and perhaps a tiara as an added element to help decorate the growth vine she can watch as she becomes the princess you know her to be. While the boys grow with Bob the builder and his ladder or Thomas the train's track or perhaps just a simple ball field with balls or flags as markers. There are so many options you are sure to find something that you will enjoy.

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