Monday, January 24, 2011

Kandean Flooring in Your Home

Kandean flooring is a type of vinyl flooring but is not available in the form of sheets as other vinyl flooring materials like commercial vinyl flooring. You get this material either in form of tiles or floorboard. This material is good to lay on the surface where you cannot imagine implementing the natural resource. For example, you want to give your bathroom floor a look of natural timber, which is possible to do but not suggested, because implementing wood in bathroom floor is not practical, as its touch with water will be more due to which the floor's durability will be reduced.

Kandean flooring is suitable to implement over any kind of surface like wood, concrete, slate, stone, existing vinyl flooring, etc. You just need to have little knowledge about how to implement it at the desired place. There are lots of colors and patterns available in Kandean flooring that help you make your home dashing and good looking even when the surface does not allow implementing natural resources. When you are about to lay down Kandean flooring at your home, you shall take care about some important facts for effective and successful implementation of the floor. Mentioned below are those facts that you must consider:

Leave the material at the place where you want to implement it for at least 24 hours. This is because in that time the material will acquire the climate of that particular area and will not compact or expand after installation.

After that clean the surface completely you can apply the adhesive equally and effectively on the surface. If the surface will not be clean then adhesive will absorb the dust and dirt available on the floor leading into poor and weak implementation of Kandean flooring.

Depending on which Kandean flooring material you have purchased, select the correct adhesive according to that material.

Evenly spreads the adhesive on the surface using trowel that you will get when purchase the adhesive. After that lay tiles or planks (whatever you have purchased) on the surface.

Now, you need a 100lb roller to roll it on the floor.

After rolling the roller on the floor let the flooring stick on the surface for few hours and again use the roller if specified on the adhesive container. You shall also read the warnings and suggestions given on the container of the adhesive so that you do not use it wrongly.

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