Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Bar in the Small Space

Many people tell me how lucky I am to have enough room to be able to have a bar in my own home. While, I admit that I am fortunate to have the room, no one should let the lack of space be a barrier to enjoying a home bar. Here are a few bar ideas for the spatially challenged.

A full sized Hide-A-Bar - This is about the size of a large armoire that would double as a closet. These can be closed and look just like a regular armoire. However, when they are opened up, you'll find up to 8 shelves in the doors, a 22 bottle wine rack below, plenty of spots for glassware and a counter to mix your drinks.

A Corner Bar - Here we have a cabinet built into just the corner of a room. Corners are frequently wasted space. Instead occupy the corner with a bar that isn't very wide but goes from floor to ceiling.

A Bar Cabinet - This resembles a typical buffet table. However, you have additional shelves and specially designed areas for glasses and bottles. This is one of my favorites. It's very easy to just roll this in to some unused space in the house. When it's time for a party, you just bring it out, open the top and you'll have a home bar all waiting for you.

A Portable Bar - Here we have a sleek cabinet that unfolds to become a full sized rectangular bar. While the space for storing bottles and glasses is limited, this does become a bar where your guests can sit around and drink. When not in use, it makes a great plant stand.

A Globe Bar - These are seen in many movies. Typically found in a study or den, it looks just like an old world globe. However, the globe opens up and several bottles, glasses and even an ice bucket can be found.

A Cupboard - Finally, just store everything you need in a cupboard or box. It's not really important where you store things. As long as you have everything stored so that it's available when needed. For many years, I just kept a plastic tube of all my bar gear. When it was time, I just got it out and started mixing drinks in the kitchen.

Whatever you decide, just remember that where ever friends gather, good times will follow.

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