Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to Make Small Room Looks Larger

There are various reasons why people would want to live in small dwellings. Whatever their reason is, it follows that with small abodes, rooms are also small.
Here are a few tips on how to make a small room look larger:
  • To create the impression of a bigger room, make use of a light color scheme instead of dark or bright hues. Neutrals, white and pastels are good choices.
  • Make use of a single color scheme in different tints or shades for your walls, furniture and rugs.
  • Open up space by using proper lighting fixtures. Recessed lights are alluring to the sight and are ideal for small homes. You can likewise use torch lights. Their lights bounce off to the ceiling and back down on the room. Other options are solar tubes and skylights.
  • Avoid heavy curtains. Just use the flimsy ones and open them up to let natural lights inside the room.
  • Use light colors for your floors like a light-hued carpet or light oak floors. This will make the room to look brighter and create an illusion of more space. Do the same for your ceiling to have more space above.
  • Harmonize the colors of your walls and furniture. Divergent hues are inclined to divide space.
  • Use wall mirrors to enlarge the look of the room. Mirror reflects images, color and lights. If your budget will allow, you can utilize mirror tiles to reflect the whole wall.
  • Avoid having plenty of furniture in your small room. Choose furniture wisely not so big but functional. Big fitment will dwarf the room so do not ever consider buying one. Therefore, get a love seat instead of a full-sized sofa or a sectional one. You can have 2 additional moderate-sized chairs for additional seating. Position the chairs near the wall and get them out when needed.
  • Select sofas with legs; the more space is seen the larger the room will appear. Choose furniture in plain-hued upholstery. You can have patterns but should be soft and simple.
  • Fabrics must be light, airy and translucent. So select flimsy throws, linens, table cloth and furniture slipcovers. Again, choose soft floral or simple stripes for patterned fabrics.
  • Do not put too many decorations to avoid a cluttered look in the room. You can have a small shelf to house the furniture but only a few items must be displayed.
  • Put some prints or paintings on your walls. One big painting is enough instead of grouping small paintings.
  • Opt to have a glass table regardless if it is a dining or living room. The glass will create an illusion of a freer and open area.
  • Always make sure that the visual stability of the room is not sacrificed.
By following the above-mentioned tips, your small room will look larger as well as comfy and welcoming. There is no small room or a big room once you make an organized plan to decorate your room.

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