Saturday, October 8, 2011

Choose the Suitable Bathroom Tiles

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom then your objective should be to improve the utility of the bath and not just embellish the room with high end accessories, attractive fixtures and glossy bathroom tiles. These elements may enhance the beauty of your bath but you should think how they could improve the utility of your shower room. Everything from accessories to fixtures and lightings to flooring in the bath should be more utilitarian than decorative. But people put more focus on choosing accessories and slabs for decoration rather than making the room user friendly. There are certain factors you need to consider when renovating your bathroom.

Slip resistant: Wet floor can become slippery and you can have a bad time bathing in your slippery shower room. What makes a floor slippery is glossy slabs and soap mixed water. You should be cautious when shopping for bathroom tiles. There are many slabs in the market buy you should look for slip resistant pieces only. Ask the retailer to show you the slabs that anti-skid. If you are shopping online then search slabs that are anti-slippery. Online stores can provide a wide range of anti-skid flooring. Your bath floor must have the grip to hold your feet even when the floor is flooded with soap water.

Water resistant: Bathroom tiles must display excellent resilience towards water and moisture because they have to brave gallons of water every day. Finding waterproof slabs is not a difficult task as most of slabs available in the market have impressive water resistant feature. What is important is to make the entire bathroom waterproof. You should know that slabs require grouting. Grout is filler and it can't withstand water or moisture. Installing good quality waterproof flooring in your bathroom is not enough as you need to make the grout lines waterproof too. To prevent the grout lines from giving way to water, you need to seal the entire tiled floor.

Precaution is the key to maintenance of the bathroom tiles. You should make it your habit to wipe the extra water from the bath floor every time after using the bathroom. Stagnant water can break the sealing and bring out the grout lines. Also a moist floor can become a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Before it happens to your bathroom floor, you need to take precautionary measure. Make sure that your bath remains dry and free from moisture.

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