Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Make Small Master Bedroom Appears More Spacious

All too often, you find the perfect home - the one you have been dreaming of and everything about it is perfect, except for the master bedroom. It seems a bit small, but you love the rest of the house. The living room and kitchen are exactly what you want. How can you make the master bedroom look and feel more spacious? This article offers tips and ideas that will visually enlarge the room. Many of these tips can be used in any small room.

Creating the appearance of space is a feat that is easily accomplished. Implementing a few small changes will make your rooms look open and airy, without sacrificing personality and appealing style. Here are a few ideas to help you create larger looking spaces not only in your master bedroom, but in many other areas of your home.

Use Mirrors!
This is an old trick you have probably heard of a million times, but it works. Hang a large mirror on your bedroom wall just opposite of a window. The reflection of the window, especially one with light colored curtains, makes the room appear sun filled and spacious. This can be done in a bathroom or living room as well.

Paint - The Solution for Many Problems
Paint can accomplish many things in your home. In a small bedroom, walls should be kept light colored. Cream, off-white and soft pastel shades of peach or yellow are good color choices. Paint the ceiling white to add an even lighter look to the room. Light shades tend to open up areas, while dark hues diminish.

Floors Should Be Light as Well
In the bedroom or any other small room, floors should be lightly colored to visually add space to the room. If you prefer carpet, choose light hues such as sand or cream. In the case of wood flooring, choose a light colored or natural wood. If you already have dark colored carpet and cannot afford to make any changes, add light colored accent rugs on each side of the bed, and at the foot.

Headboards often look bulky. To solve this problem, remove the headboard from your bed and use a large tapestry or rug hung on the wall behind the bed. This really opens up the room, and adds a spacious feel. Instead of a lamp on a night table, consider hanging swing arm lamps on the walls to open up the top of your night stand.

Here is a neat little trick that will really open up your master bedroom: Hang sheer, light colored curtains that are higher and wider than your windows! This will give the appearance of much larger windows, which will add a new dimension of openness and airiness to the room. If you have the room, consider moving a chest or dresser in to a closet to further open up the floor space.

Comforters, curtains and throw pillows should be kept light in color as well. Just remember, dark colors recede and diminish; they absorb light, which is not what you want! Keep things as light and open as possible, and your master bedroom will look large and spacious.

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