Friday, April 2, 2010

How to Find Antiques for Home Decorating

Finding the right antiques for your home can be an exciting and eventful journey. It may not always be fast, but there are different routes you can take to get the desired result. Of course you may have simply inherited your antiques; but then something such as this can be the spark to make you want to collect more and more. We're here to let you know where to go to find the top antique treasure troves. Make sure you have the correct antiques insurance - no matter where you buy your antique items - as it can give you a peace of mind to enjoy your pieces properly.

An auction house is one of the most notable places to find the antiques you are searching for, but also shows you items you may not have thought of yourself. Many of these salerooms have auctions either weekly, bi-weekly, twice a week, or monthly. However, most will have a viewing prior to the auction where you can have a closer look at the pieces you are interested in. If you are the winning bidder, keep in mind that commission will be added to your bid, which pushes the price up.

Online Auction
An online auction may sound risky but it can often be a fruitful search. As you can put in the keywords of what you are searching for, you will be able to see the products available, the current bid prices, how long is left on the auction, and how much the postage will cost you. The main problem is one of trust; you must assume that the seller is being honest about their item. However, if you succeed at an online auction, you may end up getting an item you want at a very desirable price.

Car Boot Sale
One person's junk is another person's treasure, and this is certainly the case at car boot sales. In fact, a lot of the time, a seller may not even know the full value of the items they are selling, which works for the knowledgeable people scanning the stalls for hidden gems. Look out for particular markings on items, and any damage they may have, as this should help you to make an approximate valuation.

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