Monday, April 5, 2010

Decorating Your Wall by Using Belgian Tapestry

The empty walls in your home can be brought to life by the vibrant colors of Belgian tapestry. Renowned worldwide as fascinatingly colorful and with its historic elegance, the Belgian tapestries are quite frankly the center of attraction. The history of tapestry in Belgium goes back many centuries. Heavily influenced by French weaving, it also includes a myriad mix of European and Medieval art and craft movement; it brings out breathtaking colors and finely detailed patterns. So if you are thinking about Belgian tapestry you have come to the right place. We will give you the complete guide on everything you will need to know that will help you make your decision.

The rich history of Belgian tapestry is attributed to the wide variety of designs, exciting and vibrant colors. Almost anywhere in tapestry showrooms you will find Belgian tapestry displaying the beautiful landscapes, historical moments, old country markets and of course the traditional country life of Belgium. In fact you can even find hunting scenes as part of the country life montage as a design. The weaving is done by the most creative artisans who have been trained in the art and crafts. In fact it shows the true craftsmanship of an artisan on recreating Belgian tapestries in perfect detail. The thread is used from high quality fabric which brings out those exciting colors which signifies Belgian tapestry.

There are various categories of tapestries from Belgium. The three most widely popular ones are mentioned below:
  • Landscape and Lake Tapestry: Capturing the magnificence of the country side of Belgium with the breathtaking natural beauty which takes you on a journey
  • Nobles and Knights: perhaps the most intricate in its design of nobles and knights in all their regal clothes
  • Unicorn: Completely influenced and inspired from the French iconic Lady and the Unicorn

The elegance and grace of the Belgian tapestries adds a lot of class to your home decor ideas. Over the years these designs have grown in stature due to its creative appeal. The tapestry comes in many sizes and it entirely depends on your requirement. It is quite obvious that the sheer beauty of the Belgian tapestry design becomes the center of attraction. You might have to look into arranging some of your furniture to ensure the tapestry does find its rightful place as a central character to your home decor theme.

For the office use as well, Belgian tapestry designs such as the nobles and knights leave an inspirational and encouraging environment for the people. It is full of positive energy and sophistication

We sometimes forget the nitty-gritty aspects of things how to fix a wall hanging tapestry. What we advice is that you buy a rod which is specifically meant for tapestries. The rods hold the entire wall hanging together. Depending upon the fabric used it is also important to check at the time of buying how the tapestry can be cleaned in normal cases like dust accumulation.

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