Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Window Blinds or Curtains

When it comes time to buy new window coverings, whether as part of a renovation, building a new home, or just redecorating a bit, one of the things you'll need to decide is whether to use window blinds or curtains. A big part of the decision is aesthetic, but there are practical considerations as well.

There are so many types of window coverings to choose from these days, that it can be a tough decision. And the costs can vary greatly, so the choice you make can have a big impact on your overall budget.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you like window blinds or curtains better. Practicality aside, choosing the coverings that you like better is important since you're going to be looking at them for years to come.

The reason for the window coverings should also be considered. Are you looking for light-blocking, privacy or noise-blocking, or maybe some combination of the three? Some types of window coverings are better suited to each than others.

Generally, window blinds or shades are more effective at blocking both light and sound than curtains. Curtains can have good light-blocking properties in some cases, but it depends on the material used and whether or not they have a liner. No matter what, curtains are generally not the best for blocking unwanted noise.

Another factor to keep in mind is where the windows are and how they're going to get used. If they're in a high traffic area, and are going to be opened and shut on a regular basis the cleaning and maintenance requirements should be considered. This is especially true if you have kids or pets in the area, since they tend to create messes quickly.

The last consideration I'll mention is the aesthetics of the window coverings. Some types of decor suit blinds better, while others suit curtains. For example, if you're decorating a room in an oriental style, bamboo blinds or shades are going to be a better match than curtains. Make sure you choose window coverings that will suit the room they're going to be used in.

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