Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tree House Decorating Tips

Have you ever wondered how people build those great tree houses outdoors? Are you thinking of trying it with your own hands? Then these helpful tips will surely guide you on how to build it right.

Here are the tips you should follow:
  1. Let us start with the floor. Basic plywood or tongue-and-groove floorboards it can be as basic, or as elaborate, as you would prefer. Painted or left in their original state or can be stained. Other options for flooring are Laminates and indoor/outdoor carpeting.
  2. To add character and personality use unique designs on windows and doors by letting the style and interest of your child to reflect on it. Use Perspex or Plexiglas for safety rather than glass for windows.
  3. From your home and from garage sales reuse and recycle items to add details. From existing curtains create curtain hang shelves and frames on the walls. Use the worn out rug or small carpet to cover the floor. Take out old wicker chairs and tables as your furniture.
  4. Be creative. Paint the wall of the inside of the roof black and stick some glow in the dark stickers stars, moon and other comets. Paint the wall with chalkboard paint so that your kids can draw on it.
  5. Talk with your child about the theme they want for the tree house. Actually there is no limit to what they can do given the space they have, for them to accommodate all their imaginations.
  6. Make it for them alone. Put up some of their pictures. Put up an old radio and let their song played over and over and over again. Let it be their own place.

Doing all of this can be a lot of fun and it will surely give your child wonderful memories. Just make sure that you are going to build a long lasting kind of tree house plus a safe one for your kids to stay.

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