Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oriental Themes for Your Home Decorating

Choosing the décor for your home or even just one particular room in the house needs a lot of careful consideration. When opting for unique themes like an oriental décor there are a few norms and rules you must follow to make sure you manage to decorate the room with precision. Every piece of furniture as well as paintings and curios should have some purpose otherwise the room will look terribly cluttered with random knick-knacks. An oriental theme is one that exudes calm and soothing tones and you need to keep the decorations minimized and not too busy.

If you have already purchased the furniture then you need to pick out the right locations for each piece. The décor and colors that you will use around them need to be perfectly matched and should highlight each piece. The furniture usually has solid colors that are either black or very light and most of them typically have oriental scenes already on them. Based on those designs you can pick 2 maybe 3 of main colors from there.

Using a room dividing screen is an integral part of an oriental theme. These can either have more scenes depicted on them or can be simple, elegantly portraying Chinese characters. These screens are a common sight in many Asian homes. You can also decorate the home with themed curios and artistic Asian paper fans on the walls. Purchasing a curio cabinet to place in the corner can also give the room a brilliant effect. The lighting can also be used to accent the room so you can buy candle sconces and bamboo candle holders that can be used for special occasions.

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