Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Decorating a Sun Room with Colors

When decorating a sun room or conservatory, natural and neutral colors work wonderfully as you are trying to achieve a sense of calm and relaxation in this room. By using lighter shades it will make your sun room appear cooler and also make the room appear larger, while adding that sense of style that we all want to achieve. But, not adding any splash of color will make the room appear washed out, drab and not attractive. Every room needs a touch of color whether it be through paint or accessories, which can be changed every time you feel you need a new look.

All light yellow shades are a good choice for your sun room or conservatory, while olive shades add a bit of sophistication. If your room has a large wall making a statement feature of this would create an impact on the whole of the room, a slightly darker shade of the overall color would be perfect.

By adding large plants and flowers here and there will create a flow from the inside out to the garden and a large plant can be a great focal point for the room. Make sure you use similar styles of vases as too many different sizes and shapes will create a scene of pure confusion and you will not get the tranquil effect you are looking for.

Rugs, cushions and throws will add to the overall look of comfort while adding that important splash of color but make sure you purchase materials that are sun resistant and will not fade too quickly over time. Furniture in a sun room or conservatory should also be resistant to the sun and the best materials to go for are wicker and rattan as these will not be damaged by the sun rays. Against this type of furniture cork tiles would be ideal are they are hard wearing and resistant to a lot of wear and tear.

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