Sunday, November 22, 2009

Putting the Mirror

Many homes are reverting to the classic feel and some homeowners are taking 'home and hearth' quite literally. A fireplace is considered the focal point of a home, so what better way to accentuate it than to add a mirror. The fireplace mirror seemingly enlarges the living space and adds dimension and light. It's a great way to give your fireplace a new look.

Mirror Work on the Wall

Regardless of if your fireplace is real or just for show, having a mirror above it can do wonders. If you have a fireplace juts out of the wall and has a fireplace mantel, you can add a large mirror just above it to add dramatization and style. Another option is to add several small mirrors joined together, which provides a similar affect with a slight twist. Therefore, there are various options at decoration depending on the glamour and the economy you need. You can even add mirrors to the short walls on either side of the fireplace. Your options are endless.

If the fireplace doesn't jut out, you can mirror the portion above the mantel right up to the ceiling. This gives a visual boundary to the mirror and converts it into a stylish element, catching the eye straightaway.

Modern Look

A more modern look can be had by using six small square mirrors and arranging them in various formations, with the mirrors placed straight, or alternatively, at a tilt. Another formation would be to tilt them and place them in a 'bowling pins' format.

For a showpiece fireplace, a simple no-nonsense solution is to put a mirror on the mantelpiece which will do no more than reflect the area of the living room but not ceasing to impress.


When shopping for mirrors, consider your budget. For example, since larger mirrors will cost more, you need to establish whether or not your budget can afford various sizes. Then consider whether you'd like to have additional mirror work on the sides of the fireplace. A mirror is almost ubiquitous with a fireplace so you can consider one for yours regardless.

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